Codex Supplement - Traitor Legions (miękka oprawa) Zobacz większe

Codex Supplement - Traitor Legions (miękka oprawa)

 Codex Supplement - Traitor Legions (miękka oprawa)

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 Codex Supplement - Traitor Legions (miękka oprawa)

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The Traitor Legions of the Chaos Space Marines have waged terrible wars of hate and vengeance upon the Imperium of Mankind for ten thousand years. From the Daemon worlds of the Eye of Terror, they plot the destruction of the empire they once helped to build. They have neither forgotten nor forgiven the loyalists, nor the False Emperor whom they serve. These warriors will not rest until the galaxy is burning, and the Emperor’s putrid carcass is cast down from the Golden Throne into the filth where it belongs.

Codex Supplement: Traitor Legions is a 136-page, full-colour softback supplement to Codex: Chaos Space Marines. It contains a wealth of additional content and rules that any Chaos Space Marines army can use, with a huge array of rules for all nine of the Traitor Legions.

In The Book

- Datasheets for the following models:
- Kharn the Betrayer
- Ahriman
- Exalted Sorcerer
- Tzaangors
- Rubric Marines
- Scarab Occult Terminators
- Khorne Lord of Skulls
- Magnus the Red

- 26 Formations for Chaos Space Marines
- Chaos Warband
- Maelstrom of Gore
- The Lost and the Damned
- Helforged Warpack
- Heldrake Terror Pack
- Cult of Destruction
- Fist of the Gods
- Raptor Talon
- Terminator Annihilation Force
- Favoured of Chaos
- Trinity of Blood
- The Chosen of Abaddon
- The Bringers of Despair
- The Hounds of Abaddon
- Daemon Engine Pack
- Cyclopia Cabal
- The Tormented
- Black Legion Warband
- War Cabal
- War Coven
- Tzaangor Warherd
- Sekhmet Conclave
- Ahriman’s Exiles
- Rehati War Sect
- Plague Colony
- Kakophoni;

- Chaos Artefacts, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives and an exclusive Detachment for each of the 9 Traitor Legions;

- Updated Disciplines of Tzeentch, Nurgle and Slaanesh, as well as the Sinistrum, Heretech, Ectomancy and Geomortis Psychic Disciplines;

- Armoury of the Chaos Space Marines.