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Drunken Sailor

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Drunken Sailor is a game of deceit, sailor stories and skillful drawing. Each player is a sailor, but only one is the Drunken Sailor - can you figure out who?


Sailors collectively draw an object that recounts a rowdy adventure you all shared. BUT there is a sailor among you that cannot recall the adventure and doesn't know what is being drawn - that is the Sunken Sailor. The Sunken Sailor wants to keep their identity from the other sailors and to try to piece together what everyone is drawing.


Sailors win if they can figure out who the Sunken Sailor is. The Sunken Sailor wins if he or she can go undetected or figure out what is being drawn.

Wydanie: angielskie

Podstawowe informacje:

Liczba graczy: 3-8 osób

Wiek: od 17 lat

Czas gry: ok. 20-40 minut