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Sons of Behemat Mancrusher Gargants

Sons of Behemat Mancrusher Gargants

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Jednosta dostępna dla armii Destruction oraz Chaos. Pudełko pozwala zbudować dwa Garganty w każdym z trzech wariantów. Zestaw zawiera mnóstwo dodatkowych części przydatnych do konwersji i waloryzacji modeli.

Pudełko zawiera dwa wieloczęściowe plastikowe modele do sklejenia i pomalowania.

Opis produktu w języku angielskim:

When the earth shakes to the thunder of the Mega-Gargants’ footfalls, their lesser brethren muster for war. No longer are they aimless nomads and indulgent drunkards, but war-hungry terrors inspired to violence by their towering brethren.

Does your army need some extra punch? Just fancy a fun new project to paint? Want to deal with pesky enemies by putting them in your pocket? Chances are, you need a gargant or two! This kit is designed to fulfil all of your gargant needs. Smash enemies aside in your Destruction force with a pair of Aleguzzler Gargants, spread the wrath of the dark gods with Chaos Gargants, or reinforce your Sons of Behemat Battleline with some Mancrusher Gargants.

This kit builds two Mancrusher Gargants, or two Aleguzzler Gargants, or two Chaos Gargants! It includes a truly ridiculous number of options and extras, ranging from clubs, mauls and flails to squashed grots, road signs, arrows and more, making it a treat to build and a great way to supercharge your bitz box!